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The journey from humble beginnings to Virgin Start-up Entrepreneur - and how you can too

Published on 04/07/2016

Even with funding, many business owners will end up working full time whilst starting up their own business. There are benefits to this – a steady income while you’re getting off the ground, a safety net should it all go wrong, a chance to try out a product and develop it without the pressure to make it profitable right away – but how can you balance a full-time job with pursuing your dream?

In this hangout, we talk to Virgin Startup loan recipient 
Rachel Moan  about the business she founded whilst working full-time, called 'Train Like an Athlete' (TLA).



Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder, said: “TLA has found a niche in the self-development market and has a convincing plan on how to establish themselves and grow. Entrepreneurialism, like that shown by Rachel, is vital for our economy and I'm delighted to support the next generation of British businesses. I wish TLA every success and look forward to watching the business go from strength to strength."

During the show, we will explore:

* How Rachel was able to secure £4500 from Virgin, and how she became a 'Virgin Start-up Entrepreneur' for 2015.

* What made Rachel decide to start her own business whilst working full-time;

* What inspired her to start her business in her niche market;

* Does she consider herself 'entrepreneurial', and what skill-set or traits are important to be 'successful';

* What advice she would give to other aspiring entrepreneurs starting a business;

* What factors should be considered to be eligible for the Virgin Start-up Entrepreneur loan;

Joining the program will be InspireTalk hosts 
Federico Re  and Laura Huxley



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