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30-minute Quick Coaching

Published on 18/12/2013

Why have a Coach ?

A business or personal coach is one of the best investments in life you will ever make. 

A coach will enable you to achieve greater and faster results, by helping you focus on what matters most to you.  In life, we often need to be guided by professionals who have already walked the steps you are about to take, to make decisions that are effective, productive, and outstanding.

Sometimes it only takes a few minutes to re-calibrate and sharpen the mindset or thought process to achieve a healthier state of mind.  This is why a quick 30-minute interactive discussion with a business or personal coach can be extremely effective and worthwhile.

Federico's two decades of business coaching experience and entrepreneurial success has consistently demonstrated that a fast / intense coaching session is the best way to achieve effective and immediate results for the client.

If you are wanting to re-shape your mindset to think smarter, more positively, more productively, as well as discover new heights of performance, then this 30-minute Quick Coaching session is perfect for you.

General Outline:

This coaching program is most suited for the business owner, enterprising individual, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, executive, employee, business leader, or person seeking more success in their life or within their business venture or career.

This one-on-one session is convenient, fast, effective, and suitable for people on the go and with busy lifestyles.  You will have immediate access with your Business Coach (Federico Re) of up to 30 minutes per session via phone.

You will have the unique opportunity to liaise with Federico, who will offer his entrepreneurial expertise, first-hand business knowledge, and recipes for phenomenal success.

Federico will also utilise his extensive 'NLP' and 'Decisionship' coaching toolkit; many years of professional training and hands-on business practise; and various unique methodologies and techniques to help you sharpen and enhance your mindset for better results within a very short timeframe.

There is no need to spend countless hours working with a Business Coach, and spending large sums of money.  A quick 30-minute high impact session is all that it takes to create incredible and immediate results. 

Specific Objectives:

During each interactive / intimate session, Federico will assist you by:

• Providing appropriate coaching and training necessary to boost your confidence, attitude, and general state of mind; to help generate better results on a day-to-day;

• Providing expert advice and strategic direction to help you achieve the best results possible for your business venture or outcome in life;

• Helping you make appropriate / strategic decisions within the appropriate deadlines, without the angst and worry ! Don't forget that successful entrepreneurship is really about effective decisionship !

• Improving your productivity and performance on a day-to-day, for ongoing growth and development, and long term success;

• Developing the confidence necessary to tackle difficult and often challenging circumstances in your life or business;

• Developing the skills and tools necessary to: outperform your competitor; attract appropriate investors / stakeholders, or business partners; or simply to impress your boss in your workplace environment;

• Developing the necessary leadership / managerial, negotiation, and / or sales skills to achieve effective results within your workplace environment;

Important Requirements:

You must have access to a phone land-line or mobile number (^excluding 1300 and 1800 numbers).  You will be contacted by Federico on this number.

If you are unable to provide either option, you will be required to contact Federico on his direct mobile number (0408 510 378) in order for the session to take place.

Fee Structure ?

Contact Federico on his mobile or request a price chart via his email (


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