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Achieving ‘Mastery’ in Business

Published on 14/08/2013

What exactly is business mastery ?

When we think of mastery, we normally associate this word with other forms of specialist work or professions within the industry of music, sport, art, science, etc.

I can name a few: a concert pianist or composer; a karate black belt champion or Olympic champion; a writer; a painter; a fighter jet pilot; an astronaut; and the list goes on. 

What do these people have in common, and what are their typical character traits ?

Firstly, they have practiced their art-form for many years, in fact for at least ten years.

Secondly, they are extremely passionate about their profession, and love what they do.   They are persistent about practice, willing to work hard, accepting the fact that they need to perform due diligence as a way of perfecting their skillset, etc.

Also, they have ambitions or a vision to be the best in their field of expertise.  They might also be patient; be firm believers of themselves; have a strong tolerance to pain and failure; very creative, and so forth.

So, let’s go back to mastery of business.  What we have learnt so far, is that to be truly good at something, you need to be passionate, creative, tolerant, persistent, courageous, etc.

Now, is this starting to make sense for you ?

In business, we need to find our core strengths, and leverage on these as much as possible.  To truly master your business, you need to think strategically, have a strong vision for long term growth,  manage your priorities at work carefully, focus on strategy and planning, delegate, accept failure as a catalyst to success, network, brand yourself, etc.

In essence, mastery = “entrepreneurship”. 

Mastery is also linked to the 10,000 hour rule.  In other words, you need to practice good daily habits within your business operation over a span of at least 10,000 hours, or 4 hours a day for 10 years, if you are truly wanting to master your business and achieve long term success.

“The 10000 Hour Rule is about crushing dreams. It's about understanding that there are limits to what you can do ……. It's about giving people who have achieved mastery the respect they deserve. It's about, before taking on a new task, honestly evaluating whether we can afford to give what it takes to complete it. And it's about forgiving yourself for not being able to play the guitar like [Jimmy] Hendrix.” - quote by Jeff Vogel 

(Article written by Federico Re - Creative Entrepreneur)

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