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Business Accelerator - Kick Start (12-month Program)

Published on 04/05/2016

General Outline:

The 'Business Accelerator- Kick-Start  program is a comprehensive business development program comprising of business advisory, coaching, training, and mentoring all in the one package.  

This uniquely formulated online program is tailored for the start-up, micro, or small business owner seeking to accelerate their business growth to a new level of performance, with the close help of your business consultant and coach (Federico Re).

The program has been structured for convenience, and budgeted to suit businesses with an expected annual turnover between $50k-$200k, or those generally in the first 1-3 years of operation.

It is a one-on-one interactive program designed to achieve accelerated business growth and development of all business platforms.  

You will uncover and learn the fundamentals to building building, achieve a solid understanding of entrepreneurship and decisionship, as well as learn elements to mindset mastery with your business coach.

You will also receive specialist business advisory and a degree of tactical hands-on consultation from your business coach to further enhance and accelerate the outcomes and results for your business.  

This business development program is the ultimate business solution for every business owner desiring success and concrete outcomes in faster timeframes.

You will have the unique opportunity to liaise with Federico, who will offer his entrepreneurial expertise, first-hand business knowledge, and recipes for phenomenal business success. 


During each month, you will have one 1-hour interactive online session (via Skype) with Federico.

In addition, you will receive 1-hour's worth of specialist business consultation or advisory per month.  This option will allow Federico to perform necessary business development / hands-on work for your business, and/or meet with him face to face for specific strategy, planning, or business development work.

This program has been budgeted* to include a total of 2 consultation hours per month at a reduced discounted rate in accordance with the 1, 3, 6, or 12 month program; plus necessary time for general email correspondence and occasional phone discussion.

Specific Objectives:

Your time spent with Federico will:

• Help shape your ideas and dreams into practice, as well as assist you in clearly defining your vision for long term success;

• Provide persistent motivation, education, and coaching to improve your time management, strategy, planning, and management of all business priorities;

• Provide a wealth of knowledge and practical business experience, to help grow your business in a more structured and planned manner;

• Provide objective and strategic advice to help you make viable decisions that are right for your business; to help you achieve your personal and business goals more efficiently and productively and in a lesser timeframe;

• Provide a wealth of contacts of industry professionals within the relevant sector, or appropriate leads that are suitable and strategic for ongoing business development;

• Help you develop and maintain a strategic focus through an 'action plan' that determines and governs the direction and priorities needed to achieve the desired goals and objectives in the short to mid term; 

• Help you develop a solid practical understanding of the recipes to successful entrepreneurship;  

• Learn to make quick, informed, and effective decisions for your business without the angst using 'decisionship' methodology;

• Provide strategic advisory and viable business solutions to help your business grow; achieve specific goals faster as outlined in the agreed action plan;

• Play an instrumental role in the ongoing business development and execution of key action items outlined in the action plan;

Important Requirements:

To ensure you are able to meet with your coach, you must have correctly set-up your Skype account to allow audio/video conferencing.  Ideally, you must also have access to a phone land-line (^excluding 1300 and 1800 numbers) for the occasional phone discussion to take place.

If you are unable to provide either option, you will be required to contact Federico on his direct mobile number (0408 510 378) in order for the session to take place.

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Contact Federico on his mobile or request a price chart via his email (

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