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Entrepreneurs Growth Program (12-week Course)

Published on 09/06/2016

Course Outline:

The Entrepreneur's Growth Program is a comprehensive / results orientated 12-week course specifically tailored for the aspiring entrepreneur, enterprising individual, business leader, SME business owner, or company director.  

Core services provided include tactical one-on-one mentoring, entrepreneurship coaching, mindset training, business advisory, and a variety of networking / PR opportunities all under one scheme.

The objective of this program is to fast-track and accelerate your success as a business professional, by carefully balancing operational tasks with business development priorities, with the help of an experienced coach and entrepreneur.

You will have the opportunity to directly liaise with Federico face to face*, as well as via phone, email, Skype, or Google Hangout, on an ongoing basis dependant on the phase of the program, and the type of services being offered. 

You will receive one-on-one tactical business support of up to 4 hours per month, between the extended hours of 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday, via phone, email, Skype, Google Hangout, or face to face*, plus further interaction with Federico in connection with his radio show. 

Specific Objectives:

This uniquely formulated package is ideal for the person seeking to:

 Build a solid knowledge base of entrepreneurship, and the key constituents to becoming a successful professional, world-class business leader, and/or master entrepreneur;

 Develop their business building skills to transform their business operation into a thriving enterprise with a higher level of performance, resilience, and competitiveness;

 Develop their leadership skills to increase the productivity and performance of their personnel within their organisation; and foster an entrepreneurial / innovative work culture;

 Develop confidence in decision-making, negotiation, investmentrisk-taking; as well as best practice to deal with adversity, set-backs, or even failure;  

 Develop their mindset and skillset in the art to thinking big, creative visualisation, visionary work, pioneering of new ideas, innovation, etc;

 Develop their personal and/or business brand identity across the media and online channels, and become an influencer within their niche market on a local or global scale;

 Develop powerful PR / promotional strategies to sell their products or services to their desired target market, by leveraging on the unique and strategic connections and services that Federico has to offer;

 Develop their confidence and ability in strategic financial management; learning the art to projecting rapid financial growth, by carefully examining opportunities within their select market across their products and/or services, using a variety of financial models developed by Federico;


This 12-week course will specifically provide:

PART 1 of 3 - Entrepreneurship Mentoring & Coaching / Business Advisory & Consultation:

You will receive one-on-one entrepreneurship mentoring and coaching, and business advisory of up to 2 hours per month.

During your time with Federico, you will receive the personalised guidance and support needed to help you make the best decisions possible, to constantly drive and push your business venture or career to a new level of performance.  

You will also receive the necessary coaching needed to enhance your personal performance, confidence, and resilience as an entrepreneur or business leader.

In addition to the mentoring and coaching services, you will receive strategic business advisory including face-to-face* interaction if required.

Consultation offered by Federico will be hands-on and tailored to suit your specific business or personal needs, based on the goals and objectives outlined in an 'Action Plan', which Federico will help you carefully develop, at the commencement of the program.

Federico has 20 years of hands-on experience in the start-up, SME, and corporate sectors, and across a diverse range of industries.  

His expertise and skillset covers an array of core specialist subjects as outlined below.  He is able to offer a comprehensive service based on his own direct knowledge and hands-on experience encompassing the items listed:

♛ business planning, goal setting, and strategy;

♛ sales growth, lead generation, key account development and management;

♛ branding and communication, design, online marketing, public relations;

♛ human resources management, change management, work culture, hiring/firing, staff training, employment contracts, staff incentive schemes, job descriptions, performance reviews, delegation, empowerment, intrapreneurship, decisionship, leadership, salary structures;

♛ financial management, budgeting, forecasting, cash-flow management, debtor financing, profit and loss, debt control, venture capital, angel investors, grants;

♛ time management, prioritising, scheduling, decisionmaking;

♛ creative visualisation, brainstorming, thinking outside the square, pioneering new ideas, mindset development;

♛ design, product development, product packaging, printing, product labelling, retail barcoding;

♛ succession planning and exit strategies;

♛ third party logistics outsourcing, warehousing, pick & pack, inventory control;

♛ business partnerships, supplier relationships, negotiation, agreements;

♛ systems and procedures, risk management;

♛ import / export, distributor and sales agent search;

♛ trademarks, copyright, patents, IP;

♛ digital online marketing, social media including LinkedIn, Google PlusYouTube, etc;

♛ editorial, freelance writing, journalism, public speaking;

Federico's services are guaranteed to help you find the ultimate solution for your business, to help you achieve your desired business and personal objectives. If Federico cannot help you directly, he will provide other valuable contacts to you within his network of industry professionals.  

PART 2 of 3 - Skillset / Mindset Training:

In addition to the services specified above, you will also have privileged access to six 2-hour workshops that have been formulated and exclusively delivered  by Federico in a private one-on-one class online.  Each workshop will be delivered on a fortnightly basis online via Google Hangout.

This includes training sessions focused on skills development, mindset training, leadership, branding, and a host of other topics critical for your success as an entrepreneur or business leader.

Current programs include:

 'The Art to Thinking Big' (2-hour online workshop) 

 'Develop your Road Map to Entrepreneurial success(2-hour online workshop) 

 'Build a World-ranking Brand(2-hour online workshop) 

 'Foster an Entrepreneurial Culture by developing your Leadership Skills' (2-hour online workshop) 

 'Learn from Setbacks, Adversity, and Failure' (2-hour online workshop) 

 'Accelerate your Financial Performance using Magic Modelling(2-hour online workshop) 

PART 3 of 3 - Online Marketing / PR

As a VIP Client, you will be given the exclusive opportunity to be our next guest speaker in a live 30 minute Google Hangout interview with host Federico Re, via his 'InspireTalk' online radio show.

During the show, you will have the chance to promote your services, expose your brand, and build your personal profile / identity to a large online / global audience.  At the end of the show, you will also receive a Youtube recording of the interview, which you can use as part of your marketing collateral for ongoing marketing and promotion of your business or profession.

The PR value of this radio interview is normally worth $1,200, but it's yours for free.  

Click link 1 and link 2 for examples of interviews conducted by Federico with other distinguished guests.

Fee Structure ?

Contact Federico on his mobile (+61 408 510 378) via his email (

* Service available for Melbourne CBD clients only. Additional travel costs will apply for consultation offered outside of Melbourne CBD.

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