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Foster an Entrepreneurial Culture by Developing your LEADERSHIP Skills (2-hr Workshop)

Published on 22/06/2016


This 2-hour workshop will teach you the fundamentals on how you can 'foster an entrepreneurial culture' in your workplace environment.

It will also explore how your 'leadership' skills can be harnessed and developed to motivate and empower your people to achieve extraordinary results to ultimately enhance the performance of your business venture.  

This small group workshop will provide an exclusive one-on-one interaction with Entrepreneurship Coach - Federico Re, with a maximum of 8 participants, via a private Google Hangout session.  (Private one-on-one sessions also available) 


During the program you will uncover / achieve the following objectives:

1. Explore what a HEALTHY WORKPLACE ENVIRONMENT looks like, and how your LEADERSHIP STYLE can impact the performance of your personnel;

2. How successful organisations like Google, 3M, Virgin, etc, FOSTER  ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIVITIES within their workplace;

3. How to NURTURE and DEVELOP YOUR STAFF to become 'entrepreneurial employees' (or 'intrapreneurs') to enhance motivation, loyalty, creative and adaptive thinking, and overall personal performance within their role;

4. How to EMPOWER YOUR EMPLOYEES to work autonomously, with conviction and passion, and with a high degree of self-worth and confidence;

5. How to effectively share your COMPANY VISION to your staff, and feel supported by their ongoing efforts on your pursuit to achieve company goals; 

6. How to develop and instill the appropriate COMPANY VALUES to your staff and ensuring that your company vision and mission aligns with such values;

7. Learn EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES to improve the outcome and performance of your leadership efforts;

8. How to EFFECTIVELY DELEGATE TASKS to your personnel for maximum results and impact;

9. How to FUEL INNOVATION, pioneering of new ideas, creativity, and collaboration amongst your team to boost the competitive position and resilience of your business venture;

10. How to OVERCOME ADVERSITY, daily pressures, set-backs, challenges, and even failures with the support of your team; as well as how to MAINTAIN A HIGH LEVEL OF ENTHUSIASM & ENERGY during turbulent and uncertain times;

11. Develop your  COMMUNICATION SKILLS to instruct, empower, and lead your team, and external stakeholders, to support your company vision and personal endeavours;

12. Make SMART, EFFECTIVE, and INFORMED DECISIONS without the angst on a daily basis for maximum productivity and business development;


This workshop is limited to a maximum of 8 participants.  Content and discussions are shared via a private Google Hangout environment to the participants undertaking this workshop.  

The session will also be recorded on YouTube for convenient access and reference after the workshop takes place. 



This workshop is 100% guaranteed to fuel your passion and desire for success !

If you feel you have not achieved this outcome during your interaction with Federico Re, you will receive your money back ! 




TUESDAY, 19TH JULY, 2016 at 7pm (AEST - Melbourne time)


For more information and to register, please click here.



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"Federico's webinar was exactly what I needed, exactly at the right time. With practical suggestions that helped me overcome my decision paralysis, I would recommend the webinar, as well as Federico's guidance, to every entrepreneur in the making or simply a bit confused"


Fabio Polese - Expansion Officer / Business Improvement & Transformation / Trainer (The Expansion Projects)



"I enjoyed your workshop very much, especially your insights on co branding and sub brands.  It's easy to forget just how powerful the possibilities they can create are."


Damian Delahunty - Director at Digital Catch Media

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