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How Columbus Conquered America

Published on 14/02/2014

Early this morning I was reading a book to my 6 year old son called “Charlie and the Great Elevator”.  This book was authored by Roald Dahl (author of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”; “The Twits", etc).

I came across this great passage that said:

You’ll never get anywhere if you go about what-iffing like that.  Would Columbus have discovered America if he’d said: ‘What if I sink on the way over ? What if I meet pirates ? What if I never come back ?’  He wouldn’t even have started !

Reading this script made me immediately think about the adventures a typical entrepreneur has to face when embarking into the unknown. 

A committed entrepreneur does not stop pursuing his dream simply because there is risk of failure, the high chance of losing money, experiencing ridicule, or what the sceptic has to say.

Instead his focus is on the big picture, the end-game, the long term vision, and the desire to achieve success in whatever shape or form.  

As an entrepreneur myself, I’ve discovered that your ‘fear’ has to be managed effectively, to avoid it stopping you from making good decisions, or simply moving forward.  

There is no doubt that Columbus would have certainly experienced challenges and obstacles along the way.  However, his determination and drive to conquer and discover new worlds was his ultimate antidote to combat fear.

If you are doubting your ability to conquer the unknown, try meeting someone who has achieved this already, and be inspired by their story.  Think also about the rewards and benefits that will come once you have achieved this amazing goal.  You’ll be surprised how this will motivate you to achieve the impossible !

Good luck !

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