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How to Disrupt your Industry Sector with Influential Leadership (2-HR Workshop)

Published on 24/04/2017

Small Business Festival:

This event is held in conjunction with and proudly supported by the 'Small Business Festival' and the 'State Government Victoria':


This 2 hour interactive workshop will uncover how Australian entrepreneurs are successfully disrupting their industry sector, using a leadership style that is influential and impactful.  The program will also look at the communication and marketing strategies adopted by these serial disruptors, and how they successfully expose their product or service across the marketplace on a shoe-string budget.


During the program, you will learn / discover the following:

  • How to effectively develop your skills and confidence in public speaking and become an industry influencer in no time;
  • How to exploit written communication including blogs, posts, editorial complilations, etc, to influence your community and build your followers online;
  • How successfull entrepreneurs fast-track their exposure by leveraging on the media including digital & print publications;
  • How you can develop strategic partnerships with market influencers to accelerate your exposure online and rapidly build your reputation;
  • How you can build your brand presence online by leveraging on your website and social media; using creative photography and smart design; finding your point of difference and pioneering the market with your products and services;
  • How to receive sponsorship and other endorsements from key industry partners;
  • How you can efficiently broadcast your message across the globe using podcasts, video interviews, Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Twitter, etc; 





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