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How to Fight your Fears whilst pursuing your Dream Career

Published on 19/09/2016


- How do you create your dream job, or pursue a rewarding career in serial entrepreneurship ?
- How do you start from scratch or from your home, and create a multi-billion empire across the globe with your product or service ?
- How do you tackle adversity, set-backs, constant failures, and an avalanche of challenges in the early start-up years ?
- How do you leverage on your passion and determination to fight your fears whilst pursuing your dream career in business ?

Janine Allis is not your everyday self-made businesswoman. She grew her juice and smoothie empire from her kitchen bench to an international success story (Boost Juice Bars are now in 17 countries with over 350 stores).

For most people, the formula for achieving success in life is to study hard, get good grades, get into a good business school or university and work your way up the ladder… Janine’s way was to work three jobs so she could fulfill her dream of travelling the world and letting life take her on a journey. This adventure took Janine around the world, from nannying in a little French village to working for rock gods and movie stars on a yacht in the South of France and the Caribbean.

Janine's hard work and passion has translated into over $2 billion in global sales since inception and the business has squeezed and blended its way through thousands of tonnes of fresh fruit and veg every year, including over 2000 tonnes of watermelons, 49 million blueberries and 3 million bananas a year in Australia alone.

Boost has been through an astonishing evolution over the past decade and a half and Janine has also evolved as a business person.

In the early days she was a fresh-faced mum of four young kids with little more than a good idea and a fire in her belly.

Fast forward fifteen years and she’s developed into an accomplished and skillful entrepreneur with an eye for a smart deal and the experience to back it up.

Joining the program will be +InspireTalk hosts Federico Re and Laura Huxley.
Join us for this exciting event because you will definitely and emphatically come away with powerful insights of your own and ones you can apply today.

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