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InspireTalk - The Simple Dynamics of Live Speaking

Published on 21/04/2016


Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a successful and thought provoking public speaker ?

Does it require a special skill or talent; exceptional confidence; a strong passion from within; or simply a humble desire to communicate a message ?

Our Guest:

Discover the simple dynamics of public speaking and how you can leverage yourself to  new heights of personal success.

Joining us on this show will be Laura Huxley from "Speakers Little Secret".

Speakers little secret is a speaker training service for speakers, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and business people who have a message, a story, a service or product that they want to get out there and ultimately make the world a better place. 

Laura trains speakers to get clear on their messaging and branding as a speaker, how to create engaging content and deliver it with confidence and certainty, making sure their audience members don't hit snooze!

Laura trains them in unique preparation and presentation skills taken from years of experience as a stage and camera actress that will set them apart from others in their industry. 

She has a beautiful 8 week online speaker training program holds regular workshops and retreats so she can help as many speakers as possible shine their light!

Speakers she has coached have gone on to do TEDx talks, win business awards in the USA, hold their own workshops, grow their business, have fun on camera and create successful Youtube channels.

Once you have the skill of being an effective communicator the possibilities are endless! 

Our Co-Hosts:

Joining the program will be fellow InspireTalk hosts +Federico Re  and+Ranil Rajapaksha 

Join us for this exciting event because you will definitely and emphatically come away with true secrets of your own and ones you can apply today.

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