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InspireTalk Radio - From Inspiration to Publication in 5 Simple Steps

Published on 21/04/2016


Have you ever wondered what it takes to become an author of your own publication ?

Does it require a unique and compelling story; a talent or special skill-set in writing; or plenty of cash ?

Is the reality of writing your own book fact or fiction, and is it a realistic goal for anyone ?

Our Guest:

Discover the true secrets to writing your own book with our very special guest Fiona Jones +Millionaire School  co--founder of "Author Express" (

Fiona has a very intriguing and inspirational story to share to our listeners.......  

She is the creator, founder &  9 times best-selling author of "The Millionaire Book" series and founder of The Millionaire School.

It was her love of reading and passion for inspiring people that led her to write the first book with a vision to develop a series.

Her mission is to inspire millions to make millions by sharing extraordinary success stories through her books, and those produced by her Author Express members.

During the time she wrote the series, she  interviewed and worked with over 100 super successful entrepreneurs.

Fiona has been a full time 'authorpreneur' for the past 6 years, and runs  a boutique publishing house that helps others to share their message with the world by mentoring them to produce their own book.

Through her Millionaire School she aims to share mindset and wealth creation strategies via her mentors and teachers.

In her spare time, Fiona volunteers in a school banking role to support and encourage school children to start saving early. She believes anyone can achieve wealth simply by the habit of saving. She is also making plans to fulfill her dream of building a school in Bali with a huge collection of books. She loves to walk, swim, read and practice yoga.

Fiona currently lives on the Gold Coast in Australia on her 13 acre property, complete with a yoga retreat that she shares with her husband and two children, the local wildlife and menagerie of horses and farm animals.

Our Co-Hosts:

Joining the program will be fellow InspireTalk hosts +Stuart Harris  and +Federico Re 

Join us for this exciting event because you will definitely and emphatically come away with true secrets of your own and ones you can apply today.


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