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InspireTalk Radio - How To Sell Your Brand, Endorse Your Authority, And Have Your Customers Wanting More

Published on 20/04/2016

Have you ever wondered about what you have to do to get the best sales exposure in the quickest possible time?

And leverage it all from a single location online – that already exists for you – for free.

It can be daunting to know where to go and what to do when you need to make your product visible. But its not as difficult as it seems. And when you have the proven advice from someone who does it regularly then it becomes a lot clearer and a lot simpler.

Talking to us in this week’s discussion is Julie Mason - renown expert in building business using online platforms. Julie is a passionate media expert and specialises in creating strategies that promote your brand, enhance your reputation and generate big money leads for your business.

We will be discussing with Julie the very distinct online application available to us all, that enables her to point to 80% conversions for her clients and a growing following of businesses.

If you are seeking this kind of direct information this session is for you.
So in this hangout we will be learning:

• Where to go to build visibility and credibility for your business and brand online

• How to engage with the right key participants to get the phone ringing

• Exactly what to do and say that will generate immediate increase in sales demand 


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