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InspireTalk Radio - Overcoming your fears, doubt, anxiety and confusion, through Mindful Career Transition

Published on 21/04/2016

In this hangout, we are joined by our special guest Liesel Teversham from South-Africa, in a close-up and intimate chat.

We will explore how we can find and develop a meaningful and rewarding career that heart and soul is crying out for.  

We will discover their biggest strengths, what makes the heart sing, and work through the emotional challenges like fear, doubt, anxiety, loss, and confusion.

A clear, calm brain and heart can make decisions that will serve your own highest good, and that of the world. And from clear decisions we can take calm, mindful and deliberate action. 

We invite our listeners to join in the conversation and ask any questions that will help them develop clarity and the confidence to pursue a fruitful and rewarding career path.

Joining the program will be fellow InspireTalk hosts Stuart Harris and  Federico Re

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