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InspireTalk. Where game changers meet on radio

Published on 09/06/2015

I am excited to announce the launch of 'InspireTalk'.  An online radio show broadcasted on Google Hangout every Tuesday night at 8pm AEDT.


Be inspired by the stories of our founders and our special guests.

You will get the chance to meet a number of high profile speakers or 'game changers' in the world of business, entrepreneurship, TV, sport, media, politics, and much more.  

Our Mission:

The purpose of the show is to bring genuine people, with genuine success stories, to an online platform which you can join.  As we grow the program we will be looking to ensure that the content is of a nature that you can take away and say “I can do that”.

We also want you to participate and within a handful of shows we will be looking at bringing in a number of you to join the discussion and ask questions that we haven’t thought of.

Meet a number of high profile speakers or 'game changers' in the world of business, entrepreneurship, TV, sport, media, politics...

We invite you to watch in, take notes, and join us while we also have a few laughs as well.

By providing you first hand content on the regular weekly show we aim to provide you valuable insights and useful accurate pointers on…..

1.  How people got started;

2. What inspired them to do what they do; 

3. What it took to achieve success and the challenges they faced on their journey; 

4.  The values and practices that were critical to achieving desired outcomes;

Our Guest Speakers:

We will look to inspire the very people we want to have on the show, when they too can tell us and you their very own success story. 

We are seeking game changes, pioneers, rule breakers, innovators, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, inventors, or simply people with a powerful message that will be of value to our audiences....

InspireTalk brings together a talented group of self-made people in their own right. All presenters have developed businesses and can testify to all the vagaries and challenges that accompany developing and pursuing a range of commercial projects.

Our very first special guest after our Inaugural Event will be Samantha Jayne - a dating coach and relationship expert, and founder of Blue Label Life.  


Join Samantha and the four co-hosts at 8pm (AEDT), 2nd June, 2015 by clicking this link.

Our Hosts:

Federico Re  - as an entrepreneurship coach and leadership expert, Federico has received praise for his accomplishments and awards as an entrepreneur within the Australian marketplace over a period of 20 years. He is the founder of ‘Creative Entrepreneur’ - a niche coaching practice tailored for entrepreneurs and business leaders.  Federico is a freelance writer for CEO, My Business, and Business First magazines.

His programs have educated and energized people to achieve greater things. He often draws on his personal experiences of leadership, entrepreneurial success, innovation, global trends, and competitiveness.

Ranil Rajapaksha  – Marketing Consultant and digital specialist, Ranil has created a national marketing business ('Raedium Digital') from scratch through specialising in email marketing lead generation and mobile advertising. Ranil continually develops new publisher relationships and leverage the latest technology to formulate relevant marketing strategies, execution and delivery for businesses all over Australia.

Wendy Grenfell  - Founder and CEO of 'Elgin Hall' Business School that is quite traditional yet different at the same time. Wendy’s clients leave with strong and solid platforms which catapult them forward 'into greatness' in addition to leaving the school fully equipped for an excellent life. Wendy also specialises in online promotion technologies like Google hangouts and Skype TV.

Stuart Harris  – Stuart teaches and coaches Personal Success Programs and Life Breakout courses. Having owned his own supermarkets and spent much time in IT corporate-land, the combination of experiences has put him in situations where helping others to success has been as much fun as doing it himself. Stuarts extensive online presence is set up to provide connectivity to the tested pathways by which anyone can source and access to create personal success beyond any perceived ceiling.

For more information about our radio show, please visit:

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