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Making Decisions without the Angst

Published on 16/01/2014

'Decisionship' is learning to make quick, effective, and informed decisions without the angst (quote by Seial Entrepreneur - Creel Price). This is particularly important if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or even an employee of an organisation.

In life and in business, we are often confronted with emotionally challenging decisions that must be made promptly and confidently, in order to make significant progress or achieve the desired goals or outcomes.

During my 5-day Ultimate Growth Adventure, I was exposed to constant decision-making, that truly tested my skills, patience,  endurance, and ability to stay calm !  

Some of the challenges included:  

  • 1. Crossing a River over rocks using a minimal number of steps;
  • 2. Impressing the judges with a Master-Chef Cook-off;
  • 3. Perfoming in a 15-minute Acting Show;
  • 4. Building the Tallest Spaghetti Structure;
  • 5. Painting an Image on canvas;

Whilst all these activities appear mildly challenging, or even simple, the true test was learning to make decisions quickly, confidently, with other team members, with limited time or resources, and with strict guidelines and rules.

Does this situation sound familiar to you ?  In business, we are most often confronted with similar situations where effective decision-making is often made difficult or restricted by circumstances beyond our control, which may prevent progress, or even create fear, anxiety, or procrastination.

My experience in South Africa, and 20 years of entrepreneurship, has taught me that your 'gut feeling' is the most valuable instinct to use in similar challenging circumstances, when difficult decisions need to be made.  

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