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Procrastination to Motivation

Published on 07/11/2013

When was the last time you felt totally motivated, empowered, or successful ? What exactly did you experience when this phenomenon took place ? What did you see, hear, or feel ?

Most people have had an experience in the recent past that was perhaps memorable, exciting, and joyful. 

I can recall this experience myself only 2 months ago, when I was invited and hand-picked by Creel Price to participate in the ‘Ultimate Growth Adventure’ in South Africa later this month. 

Not only was I going overseas on an outdoor safari adventure, but I was also offered a $4,500 scholarship to train and coach budding entrepreneurs from around the world, and a chance to meet Richard Branson at the ‘Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship’.  “Wow !” I said to myself.

When I received this exciting news on the phone, I experienced an instant rush of adrenalin, excitement and a notion that I was entering into a new phase of business success with my coaching practise.   A strong feeling of motivation and drive for further success started to manifest. I was starting to visualise all the possibilities that laid ahead with my business venture.  At that point, the world was my oyster !

In business, we are often challenged or plagued with issues of procrastination or a lack of motivation. This often happens when we fail to push ourselves outside of the comfort zone; or we fail to visualise a future of success; or we are simply not doing enough of what we truly love.

Whatever the case, a lack of motivation is like running a car on an empty fuel tank, or driving a ship without a rudder, or flying an aeroplane with no end destination in site. 

An effective technique to increase your motivation and kick-start your passion or zest for life, is to think about a past event when you were truly motivated or simply happy. Immerse yourself in that moment and recall the experience.  What did you see, hear, or feel ? 

Whilst performing this exercise, you should start to feel a tingle of excitement, motivation and drive. …… (you may need to repeat this exercise several times to achieve best results). 

Now, try to record that experience in full detail and bring it to the present state.  Use this flow of energy and adrenalin to kick-start the engine and your drive.   The last step is to throw yourself into a demanding task, and push yourself outside of that comfort zone.  An example might include ringing a prospective customer and attempting to sell your product or service to them.

Although this task normally takes courage, you should find the experience a lot easier with adrenalin running through your veins. I am certain you will be surprised by the results and your own ability !

“Build self-belief, kick-start motivation, think creatively and see the opportunities” (quote by Federico Re)

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