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Six Ways to Build Brand Resilience

Published on 24/02/2012

There is a lot of talk around these days about sustainability, and it's a term I have used more than once about brands. I was reminded on the weekend, that when I talk about sustainability what I really mean is resilience.

If your brand has the ability to bounce back, to withstand setbacks and ups and downs, to hold on to what it stands for in a changing environment, then it is resilient. Following on from my recent discussions around "rebranding" it occurs to me that instead of focusing energy on trying to "re" anything, time would be better spent building resilience.

What does a resilient brand look like?

1. Resilient brands have a strong enduring foundation. They know what they stand for and why.

2. Resilient brands align their why across what they do and what they say they do and pay constant attention to any gaps that may appear.

3. Resilient brands are conscious of the competitive landscape, but don't let those things completely dictate what they say or do.

4. Resilient brands understand that the customer isn't the only group with an interest in the brand and pay equal attention to employees, partners, suppliers and other people who have a stake.

5. Resilient brands evolve their practices, principles and products but never lose sight of their why.

6. Resilient brands are deliberate about the promises they make and move heaven and earth to keep the ones they do make.

In general I am not a fan of top brand lists and the valuation measures that are used to create them. However, a look over recent lists shows some very resilient brands – IBM, Coco Cola, Apple, GE, Microsoft, Nokia, Ford – the names are as familiar as they are long-lived.

And of course resilience isn't the sole providence of the big boys. There are many small business brands who have successfully forged their way across many decades of doing business and are still going strong. Big or small the things listed above that build brand resilience don't change.


(Article Courtesy of Michel Hogan - Brandology, )

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