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Specialist Business Consultation

Published on 16/03/2012


Federico's specialist consultancy is based on nearly two decades of hands-on experience within the SME sector, and across a number of niche industries including retail, manufacturing, wholesale, design, health & wellbeing, logistics, exhibition, and legal services.  

Federico has been instrumental in the growth and development of many small to medium sized businesses; as well as being a strategic partner and director of a select few requiring close supervision, guidance, and tactical advisory over the long term.

Federico has also coached budding entrepreneurs, executives and senior managers of large corporates, as well as enterprising individuals and intrapreneurs, achieve ultimate performace with their career or profession.

His proven track record of success also embraces his own start-up business ventures, which in their own right, achieved success, praise, and recognition in the public eye.

Your time spent with Federico is a guarantee that you will receive the best specialist business advisory, business coaching and personal training available in Melbourne and throughout Australia.  Federico's bespoke services are innovative, thought provoking, tactical, and proven to create impressive results.

Achieve the desired level of growth and success you are striving for in your business or career ! 

Don't waste time and money exploring other options.  Contact Federico for the best type of business consultancy and coaching available to you. 

Business Consultancy / Advisory:

Federico's expertise and skillset covers an array of core business subjects as outlined below.  He is able to offer a very comprehensive service based on his own direct knowledge and hands-on experience encompassing the items listed.  

If Federico cannot assist you directly, he will rely on his vast network of professionals and close / trustworthy contacts.

You are therefore guaranteed to find the ultimate solution for your business and achieve the desired outcomes:

  • business planning, goal setting, and strategy;
  • sales, lead generation, key account management;
  • branding and communication, design, marketing, and visual merchandising;
  • human resources management, hiring/firing, staff training, employment contracts, staff incentive schemes, job descriptions, performance reviews, delegation, empowerment, intrapreneurship, decisionship, leadership, salary structures;
  • financial management, budgeting, forecasting, cash-flow management, debtor financing, profit and loss, debt control, venture capital, angel investors, grants;
  • time management, prioritisation of tasks, scheduling;
  • creative visualisation, brainstorming, thinking outside the square,
  • design, product development, product packaging, printing, product labelling, retail barcoding;
  • succession planning and exit strategies;
  • third party logistics outsourcing, warehousing, pick & pack, EDI;
  • business partnerships, supplier relationships, negotiation, agreements;
  • systems and procedures, risk management;
  • import / export, distributor and sales agent search;
  • trademarks, copyright, patents, IP;
  • public relations, editorial, media, social media; 
  • technology, innovation, e-commerce;
  • investment, seed-funding, loans, venture capital;

Business & Executive Coaching: 

Federico is an accredited and experienced NLP Practitioner and a Decisionship Coach.  This means you will receive the best form of business coaching, personal coaching, and training to help you achieve maximum results, with greatest efficiency and effort. 

Federico will teach you to think and perform like an entrepreneur and guide you through the steps in developing the right powerful mindset.  

His unique services encompass a variety of powerful methodologies and unique techniques to help you achieve results fast and with maximum results.  Areas include:

  • 'NLP' mindset training to help you think more positively; eliminate procrastination or negative/old habits on a day-to-day; build confidence and achieve the desired results during negotiation with key stakeholders;  achieve results during your sales campaigns; improve day-to-day performance and achieve better results overall;
  • 'Decisionship' training to help you make fast, effective, informed decisions without the angst;
  • Teaching you to deal will moments of failure, high pressure, turbulence, change, and uncertainty within your business environment;
  • Learning the art to 'thinking big' and 'outside the square', as well as adopting creative and innovative thought processes to achieve remarkable outcomes;
  • Developing a strong 'vision' for success and a clear 'endgame' geared towards your exit strategy;
  • Learning to take 'measured risks' with more confidence, determination, and conviction;
  • Learning the art to working more 'on' the business and less 'in' it, taking note of personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as fears or procrastination which might hold you back;
  • Developing the confidence and know-how on how to form strategic 'partnerships', to attract interest in your business idea, venture, product, and/or service.  This includes partnerships with suppliers, banks, angel investors, clientele, distributors, staff, and other internal/external  stakeholders;
  • Teaching you how to take more ownership, accountability, and responsibility in your life, business, or career;

Federico's approach to business development and success coaching will challenge the 'faint hearted', but encourage and drive the enterprising individual to achieve substantially better results.


Federico's professional services are cost effective, flexible, and tailored to suit your specific business / personal needs.

Consultation is available 'face to face' (ie. in person anywhere in Australia*) as well as 'online' (via skype, phone, email, Google Hangout, etc), charged at 15 minute increments.

'Online' consultation is available throughout all regions of Australia and overseas.  Online consultation is a cost effective option, as well as a convenient, fast, and effective alternative to meeting face to face.

Important Requirements:

If you are meeting with Federico 'online' or via the phone, you must either have access to a land-line or mobile (excluding 1300 and 1800 numbers), or have correctly set-up Skype video/audio conferencing, or other similar alternatives.

If you are unable to provide either option, you will be required to contact Federico on his direct mobile number (+61 408 510 378) in order for the consultation to take place.

* No additional fees apply for consultation provided within Melbourne CBD.  Additional travel costs will apply for work performed outside of Melbourne CBD including regional and/or interstate areas

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