Mentoring and the Ultimate in Personal, Entrepreneurial and Business Coaching

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Tapping into the Mind of a World-class Leader

Published on 03/09/2015

Video 1 - Federico's perspective on the importance of 'Mentoring':

Federico shares the story of his humble beginnings to Omar De Silva (Director - Bachelor Programs at Ducere).
He goes further and outlines his insight to the definition and importance of 'mentoring', and why every aspiring entrepreneur, business leader, or person seeking a high level career or business needs the right mentor.


Video 2 - Federico's perspective on the importance of 'Coaching':

Federico goes further in describing the difference between 'coaching' and 'mentoring', and how every aspiring entrepreneur can benefit from a strategic partnership with a business coach.  Omar asks Federico a few thought provoking questions focused around coaching, to help explain the nature and duration of a typical coaching relationship; what outcomes should be expected for the client; and why investing in a coach should be a strategic investment and first step for any enterprising individual.

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