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TFE Online Live Radio Show

Published on 06/06/2014

The Launch of TFE:

The other night, I had the exciting opportunity to be aired on a LIVE Google Hangout with Stuart Harris, and the other three Founding Members of The Face of Entrepreneurs (TFE).

I was able to share my story and vision behind the TFE program, and what inspired me to kick-start this entrepreneurial growth program in Melbourne.

The experience gave me a chance to carefully reflect on the motives behind this idea, which all pivoted back to an amazing experience I had in South Africa last December.

Spending a week with Serial Entrepreneur Creel Price in the Ultimate Growth Adventure, learning about the 'decisionship' methodology in a safari / boot-camp environment, and at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, was an experience of a life-time and one that I will never forget.

I learnt the true meaning of team work, decision-making, challenge, pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, adventure, and the beautiful side to life and nature. In fact, this philosophy has been embraced by Richard Branson himself who believes that the best way to learn about business and entrepreneurship is through ‘adventure’.

The ‘TFE’ program is pivoted on three pillars – ‘connect’, ‘inspire’, and ‘escape’. The idea behind these three pillars was the simple notion that to be successful, you need to ‘connect’ with other like minded people, who can share with you their life stories of success, challenge, and failure.

The ‘inspire’ part simply came from the fact that as entrepreneurs, we all need to inspire each other in order to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. A simple story of success or struggle can provide sufficient fuel to keep going another day, week, or month. This is an important element for the life of an entrepreneur or business person.

The third and most exciting aspect of the program is the ‘escape’ pillar. Without fun, there’s really no point being in business. The best way to learn is by pushing yourself outside of the comfort zone, and learning from those experiences. Adventure certainly provides those opportunities. By escaping the daily grind of life, and immersing yourself into something unknown or outside of the box, can be a real test of character, but one that you will never forget.

My legacy for the TFE program, is to simply offer an environment for people in business to get together and have some fun and learn from each other.

The TFE Radio Show will provide members the unique and convenient opportunity to stay connected on Google Hangout once a month. This platform will also play an instrumental part in assisting and inspiring budding entrepreneurs to tackle the problems that lay ahead with the support of other TFE members and others in business.  

Forthcoming Events:

Join us for the next event scheduled for 2nd July at 8pm AEDT and meet the Founder of 'Ignite Mr Right' - Camille Thurnherr:

Discover  why Camille decided to join 'The Face of Entrepreneurs' with co-founder Federico Re, and uncover what lies behind this unique networking program.

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