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The Art of Thinking BIG (2-Hr Workshop)

Published on 20/08/2012

This 2-hour online workshop is most suited for the aspiring entrepreneur, start-up or SME business owner, or enterprising individual seeking to establish and build their business venture to a new level of success.

This small group workshop will provide an exclusive one-on-one interaction with Entrepreneurship Coach - Federico Re
(Private one-on-one sessions also available) 

Develop a habit of 'thinking big' on a daily basis and transform your business idea or existing business operation into a thriving enterprise. 

Stop dreaming about long term success......make it happen now by mastering the 'art to thinking BIG' !

During the program, you will develop an understanding on the following core subjects:

1.  Explore the ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET and how successful entrepreneurs leverage on their skill-set, attitudes, or philosophies to secure opportunity and achieve success;

2. Discover how CREATIVE VISUALISATION can be a powerful business tool to help fuel your personal and business performance. Learn how you can exercise this practice on a daily basis;

3. Learn ways to set ambitious and realistic SHORT, MID, and LONG-TERM GOALS, by developing a clear vision and direction through a strategic 'Action Plan';

4. Develop a GROWTH MINDSET during periods of turbulence, uncertainty or failure.  Explore effective daily techniques you can master to remain positive, focused, and motivated despite the setbacks;

5. Explore why and how to work outside of your COMFORT ZONE, to grow and develop the necessary skills to thrive in your profession or business;
6. Learn effective techniques to STOP PROCRASTINATING or feeling frustrated or discouraged by the lack of progress due to limiting beliefs. Push yourself to new levels and unleash your true talent.  Create results now and face the challenge !;

7. Explore the fundamentals of BUSINESS MASTERY, and the connection between 'passion', 'practise', 'persistence', and 'patience' (4p's of mastery);

This workshop is limited to a maximum of 6 participants.  Content and discussions are shared in a private Google Hangout environment to the participants undertaking this workshop.

Click here to watch video and meet Federico Re - 'An Intimate Moment with Federico Re'.

This workshop is 100% guaranteed to fuel your passion and desire for  success.  If you feel you have not achieved this outcome during your interaction with Federico Re, you will receive your money back ! 


As a participant of this workshop program, you will receive:
↘ a free "Millionaire Coach" E-BOOK (co-authored by Federico Re) valued at $19.95;

↘ a free 45-minute online COACHING SESSION with Federico Re worth $189.00*; 



* Offer valid for 1st registered participant and must be redeemed within 14 days of workshop date;

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