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The Magic Happens Outside of the Comfort Zone

Published on 05/09/2013

When was the last time your dared to step outside of your comfort zone ?

Do you proactively seek to work outside of your comfort area, to improve your performance, focus, stamina, and output ?

The truth is that if you stay within your comfort zone, you will not grow !

It is a widely known fact that entrepreneurs regularly step outside of their comfort zone to seek opportunity, eventhough they know that the risk of failure will increase. 

The greatest achievements and inventions in life were manifested or created from pioneers that took massive leaps of faith into the unknown, and dared to put their reputation on the line, risk failure and ridicule, before having a small glimpse of success or acknowledgement from the public for their efforts or discoveries. 

Examples include Henry Ford (industrialist), Galileo (Astronomer), Thomas Edison (inventor), Columbus (explorer), and so forth.  However, what these individuals experienced during their pioneering years, before their goals or dreams were realised, was certainly a mixed feeling of adventure, discovery, adrenalin, passion, fear, uncertainty, addiction, love, pain, challenge, etc.  Despite all these positive and negative emotions, it did not deter them from working outside of their comfort zone.

The bottom line is that when you push yourself beyond that critical boundary, you will find the ‘ultimate performance zone’, and eventually success.

Most people on a day to day, will choose to operate within a comfortable surrounding, or perform duties that they are more familiar with.  Examples include undertaking day-to-day operational tasks like paying bills, answering the phone, responding to emails, or even serving the client. 

A more strategic and rewarding approach to managing your day-to-day work, is to select tasks that push or stretch your skill-set to another level of comfort.  This may include ringing a prospective client and trying to sell your product or service;  going out, meeting people, and marketing yourself through networking; learning how to use a new technology that will benefit your business; or developing new branding initiatives to grow your enterprise.

Essentially, when you step outside of that comfort zone, you will experience the magic of adrenalin, discovery of new things, opportunities beyond the horizon, and eventually success.  Your zest to life, or passion, is more likely to manifest itself and grow when you are on the ‘edge’ of comfort. The satisfaction of conquering your weaknesses, the joy and ability to serve and help others, will more than make up for any discomfort.

In contrast, when you remain complacent and choose to operate within a familiar environment, you will shrivel up and die !

Now just a word of caution….. if you push yourself too far beyond that comfort zone, you may risk extreme failure or anxiety.  Although in life and in business, this is sometimes unavoidable, my suggestion is that you find what works best for you; that critical threshold where growth and development occurs, as compared to giving up as a result of too much pain or stress !

“By breaking out of your comfort zone, you’re opening your mind to new experiences” (J.D. Roth)

Life begins where your comfort zone ends” (anonymous)

(Article written by Federico Re - Creative Entrepreneur)

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