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The Power of P

Published on 13/08/2013

Have you ever realised that the letter “P” is actually a very ‘powerful’ letter in the alphabet, and also relevant in the world of business ?

What I actually mean is that there are many words in the English dictionary starting with “P” that can be used to describe business success, or factors that contribute to your success or failure !

Let me try a few……...... painpassionpatience, people, performance, perseverance, perfection, persistence, philosophy, pioneer, plan, play, possibilities, potential, powerful, practical, practice,  pragmatic, precision, prepare, prevention, price, priority, procrastinate, product, production, produce, professional, profit, program, progress, projection, promotion, proposal, prospect, prosperity, prototype,  purpose, etc

I have highlighted my favourite three words from the list above which I personally feel cannot be compromised or avoided in achieving business success.

 “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” (quote by Vince Lombardi)

(Article written by Federico Re - Creative Entrepreneur)

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