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I'm at the Top. Why would I need a Coach

It is often assumed that once you reach the top of an executive position, you have reached your ultimate career milestone.  However, the typical business leader will face immense pressure and scrutiny, and be challenged by constant decision-making and many priorities of high importance. 

So why is it essential for any top business leader to have a coach or mentor as part of their role as a senior executive?

Whether you’re a CEO, Director, Manager, Executive, Business Owner, or Entrepreneur of a small, medium or large organisation, the reality is that the pressure to make the right decisions and to perform at your best is always an imminent reality and a common thread.  In rapidly changing markets and shifting global trends, the margin for error is diminishing.

The business leader is typically the decision-maker, the pioneer, the risk taker, the problem solver, the person people go to for answers, as well as the person people blame if things go wrong within the organisation.  

Created on 17/04/2015

Intrapreneurial Leadership - a fine balancing act

We all know that entrepreneurial leaders are passionate individuals, with a zest for life, and a willingness to conquer opportunities despite the risks.   They typically enjoy operating outside of their comfort zone to chase their ‘dream’.

Despite these positives, entrepreneurs are also challenged by continual setbacks and sometimes failure to pursue their long term aspirations.  This might include dealing with sceptics, managing cash-flow issues, and an avalanche of day-to-day operational issues.

Even more challenging is learning how to effectively manage their entrepreneurial employees, or ‘intrapreneurs’, to create a harmonious and productive workplace environment for all those involved.

Innovative companies like 3M, Google, Apple, Toyota, Lockheed, and Virgin, would have not existed so successfully if it hadn’t been for the innovative ideas of their passionate intrapreneurs, and the effective leadership by the management team.

Created on 03/12/2014