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The Intrapreneur - Why SMEs need these innovators

It was back in 2014, that I compiled an article titled The Myth of the Intrapreneur

I was inspired to write this editorial piece after reading Michael E. Gerber’s famous book “E-myth”. This book provided excellent literature about the behaviour, mindset, and unique qualities of ‘entrepreneurs’, but made no specific reference to the terms ‘intrapreneur’ and ‘intrapreneurship’, and how this was relevant to SME’s.

After reading his book, I was compelled to start my own long term legacy of educating business owners in Australia about ‘intrapreneurial leadership’.  Ultimately, it was about instructing these business owners to embrace intrapreneurs within their business and foster innovation.  


Created on 24/03/2016

New Age Networking - how Millennials build and sustain relationships

We live in a complex world dominated by new technologies; a multitude of social media platforms; fast emerging trends and technologies pivoted around the digital space, the environment, geography, culture, consumer trends, gender diversity, and different belief systems. 

In Australia, this landscape is ever-changing, and is progressively being dominated by the younger (‘Millennial’) generation, who appears more capable and adaptable to survive in this tech-driven environment. 

So how do the Millennials position themselves in this space amongst their peers and in the public, and how do they go about developing and sustaining their relationships to achieve their goals and objectives in life and at work ? How do they use technology as their key weapon to survival  ? 

Created on 11/12/2015

Australia braces itself for the technology Gold Rush

‘Disruption’ is not just a buzz word commonly used in the entrepreneurial sector; it’s the new-age ‘Gold Rush’ for Australia.

Over the past decade, this phenomenon was again repeated on a massive scale with the discovery of significant iron ore deposits, uranium, diamonds, coal, and other precious minerals.

There is no doubt therefore that Australia’s rich entrepreneurial history is by no means shallow, but to the envy of many developed nations.  So what the does the future hold for Australia ? 

Created on 09/12/2015