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How does Entrepreneurship lend itself to Space Exploration

I've always been fascinated about space exploration, and science fiction movies like 2001: A Space OdysseyStar Trek, and even the original Star Wars trilogy.  As a child, travelling into distant space, discovering new planets, exploring new frontiers and extraterrestrial possibilities, and never returning back to Earth was a vision that has always inspired me. 

These memories were brought back to life just recently when I had the exclusive opportunity to meet two Aussie astronaut candidates for the 'Mars One' mission, on a Google Hangout.  I was joined by Dianne McGrath and Josh Richards, and together we explored the definition of 'Astropreneurship', and how this new-age term is applicable to the space industry and to entrepreneurship. 

Created on 15/04/2016

What can we learn from Game Changers

I am always inspired by the stories of successful people, including serial entrepreneurs, inventors, explorers, and in particular ‘game changers’.

Game changers are individuals that challenge the status quo, and take unprecedented risks to pursue opportunity.  They strongly believe in themselves and are fuelled by their flowing passion to succeed.  More uniquely, they often have a legacy that hinges on the success of others, a desire for global change, wellbeing for humanity, innovation in business, etc.

Created on 08/02/2016

Australia braces itself for the technology Gold Rush

‘Disruption’ is not just a buzz word commonly used in the entrepreneurial sector; it’s the new-age ‘Gold Rush’ for Australia.

Over the past decade, this phenomenon was again repeated on a massive scale with the discovery of significant iron ore deposits, uranium, diamonds, coal, and other precious minerals.

There is no doubt therefore that Australia’s rich entrepreneurial history is by no means shallow, but to the envy of many developed nations.  So what the does the future hold for Australia ? 

Created on 09/12/2015

The Exponential Value of Entrepreneurial Employees

I continually remain perplexed by the number of people in Australia, and especially those within the business community, that are still not familiar with the meaning of the term ‘intrapreneurship’.

Thousands of people proudly claim the title ‘entrepreneur’, but have ignored the entrepreneur's little brother: the ‘intrapreneur’. 

We also know that entrepreneurs can be stereotyped as mavericks, adventurers, visionaries, risk-takers, experimental, and much more.  But exactly what traits do intrapreneurs possess, and what value does this offer an organisation that employs them ?

Created on 01/10/2014