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How to Awaken the Entrepreneur within: from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Just had an insightful interview with Michael E. Gerber this morning on InspireTalkRadio. Michael is the author of 27 E-myth books, and nicknamed the 'Godfather of Business Systems'.

I discovered today that to achieve 'success' in whatever shape or form ultimately requires:

'Inspiration', 'Education', 'Application', 'Implementation', and 'Continuous Improvement'.

I also learnt that to be a true entrepreneur, you ultimately need to be: a 'Dreamer', a 'Thinker', a 'Storyteller', and a 'Leader'.

Created on 24/01/2017

Jack Delosa disrupting Business Education with Dreaming Out Loud

Dream out Loud”, says Jack Delosa, founder of ‘The Entourage’, Australia’s fastest growing provider of business and entrepreneurship education in Sydney.

I recently met Jack whilst attending his book launch for “Unwritten” in Melbourne. What struck me about this Aussie serial entrepreneur was his humble character and thirst to motivate and inspire the young entrepreneurial community in Australia. Jack’s mission is to help individuals achieve ‘success’, to ultimately develop their dream business or career path.

Created on 20/07/2016

My Interview with Jack Delosa

I recently met Jack Delosa (Founder of The Entourage) at his recent book launch in Melbourne earlier this month.

My encounter with Jack was a prelude towards my forthcoming interview with this serial entrepreneur on my InspireTalk radio show on the 24th May, 2016 at8pm (AEST), with my co-host Laura Huxley.

Created on 09/05/2016