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InspireTalk. Where game changers meet on radio

I am excited to announce the launch of 'InspireTalk'.  An online radio show broadcasted on Google Hangout every Tuesday night at 8pm AEDT.

Be inspired by the stories of our founders and our special guests.

You will get the chance to meet a number of high profile speakers or 'game changers' in the world of business, entrepreneurship, TV, sport, media, politics, and much more.  

Our Mission:

The purpose of the show is to bring genuine people, with genuine success stories, to an online platform which you can join.  As we grow the program we will be looking to ensure that the content is of a nature that you can take away and say “I can do that”.

We also want you to participate and within a handful of shows we will be looking at bringing in a number of you to join the discussion and ask questions that we haven’t thought of.

Created on 09/06/2015