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The Art of 'Thinking BIG'

The art of 'thinking BIG’ has no set rule.  It’s really about what makes you tick, and what you desire and want the most from your life pursuits or business venture.  At the end of the day, if you’re going to get out of bed, you might as well do something that you love and enjoy !

Essentially, success is all about having the right attitude and mindset, and always having a dream.  

Let's now learn from other succesfull people, about what the art of 'thinking big' actually entails........

Created on 27/08/2013

'Intrapreneurship' versus 'Entrepreneurship'

What exactly is an ‘intrapreneur’ ?

How often do you come across this word, compared to the more conventional, more widely known word ‘entrepreneur’ ?

My experience is that more than 90% of people have never heard the word intrapreneur before.  When I describe its meaning, I often get a look of amazement and curiosity !

Created on 26/08/2013

Achieving ‘Mastery’ in Business

What exactly is business mastery ?

When we think of mastery, we normally associate this word with other forms of specialist work or professions within the industry of music, sport, art, science, etc.

I can name a few: a concert pianist or composer; a karate black belt champion or Olympic champion; a writer; a painter; a fighter jet pilot; an astronaut; and the list goes on.  

Created on 14/08/2013