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Recruiting the 'Entrepreneurial Employee' - Why Business Leaders need these Innovators

Before I relinquish my exact definition to the “I” word covered in this story, I would like to provide a few clues behind the significance and importance of this mysterious word, which so many Business Owners, CEO’s, HR Managers and Executive Recruiters within Australia are still so unfamiliar with. I shall refer to this word as ‘Intra’ for the time being.

‘Intra’ has been in the dictionary since the 1970’s, and has been embraced and adopted by business leaders and serial entrepreneurs since this time, within highly successful companies around the world, like Google, 3M, Lockheed, Toyota, Twitter, etc.  ‘Intra’ has a direct correlation to the word ‘entrepreneurship’ and is focused around innovation, pioneering of new ideas and products, and boosting the competitive position and spirit of an organisation. 

Created on 17/04/2015