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Social Entrepreneurs are taking the Leap of Faith Into the Unknown

Since childhood, I was always fascinated by the stories of great explorers likeEdmund Hillary, Neil Armstrong, and other extraordinary pioneers of the past.   I was particularly appealed by the adventures of Sir Douglas Mawson and his expeditions in the Antarctic. What most attracted me about Mawson was his determination, tenacity, leadership, and survival instincts to explore unchartered territories during the heroic age of Antarctic exploration in the early 20th century.

Fast forward 100 years, I was honoured to meet Australian serial entrepreneur and adventurer Julio De Laffitte in an exclusive radio interview. I was keen to explore Julio’s legacy behind his new venture Unstoppables; a movement dedicated to ‘igniting the entrepreneurial spirit and taking entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to the next level through the power of collaboration’.

Created on 02/06/2016