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The power of vision: your ultimate weapon to success

In reflecting on my 20-year career, it’s evident that my success as an entrepreneur largely stems from the planning and understanding I put into my business ventures. My visions and goals have shaped the way I have performed and thought throughout my career.

My vision became my ultimate weapon for success when I was only 22. Before I started my rewarding career in business and during my employment as an engineer, I spent a lot of time dreaming about the possibilities of working for myself, travelling the world, and making lots of money. I was simply not inspired by the confines of traditional employment; I wanted the freedom to explore the possibilities and boundaries of an entrepreneurial career instead.

Created on 25/01/2016

The Ultimate Weapon for Achieving Mastery

I must  confess that I am very fond of Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Since the age of 16, I have been a fan of his muscular physique, his strong determination and will-power to succeed as a bodybuilding champion, and his accomplishments in winning multiple prestigious awards like Mr Olympia.   What struck me the most about his attitude was his extreme ambition of becoming the world’s best bodybuilding athlete – essentially a ‘master’ of bodybuilding. 

Arnold’s accomplishments were also reflected in his successful long term career in acting, politics, and entrepreneurship.

Created on 12/12/2014