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Build a World-Ranking BRAND (2-Hr Workshop)

After a successful launch of my second online workshop this week, I have the pleasure of announcing my next Workshop - series 3 of 6:

"Build a 'World-Ranking' BRAND"

This 2-hour online workshop will be available to you via Google Hangout, as part of a monthly series of  entrepreneurial programs delivered throughout 2016. 

The series will encompass a range of unique and thought provoking topics encompassing mindset mastery, strategy & planning, branding building, investment, technology, leadership, public speaking, innovation, market trends, technology, organisational culture, entrepreneurship, and more !

This intimate workshop will provide an exclusive one-on-one interaction with Entrepreneurship Coach - Federico Re, with a maximum of 8 participants, via a private Google Hangout session. (Private one-on-one sessions also available) 

Created on 23/05/2016