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The Face of Entrepreneurs

Program Outline:

The Face of Entrepreneurs’ (TFE) is not just another networking event aiming to bring people together and to share a drink ! It’s more than this. 

TFE’s legacy and mission is about:

  • connecting’ with like minded people; 
  • inspiring’ others to achieve greater things in life and in business; and 
  • escaping’ from the daily grind of work life

The TFE program infuses the adrenalin of ‘adventure’ with the reward of ‘entrepreneurship’ in the one go.

If you are an entrepreneur or socially conscious entrepreneur wanting to contribute something positive towards the community; an enterprising individual or business owner aspiring to achieve greater heights of success; or simply a person seeking more fulfillment in life, then TFE is the ultimate destination and growth experience.

Created on 01/05/2014