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Develop the MILLIONAIRE MINDSET and Have it All

Course Overview:

This 4-hour / half day Masterclass is based on the book - 'Millionaire Coach - How to Achieve a Millionaire Mindset and Have it All'.

Discover how 16 Australian Coaches were able to achieve success and wealth in their business ventures doing what they love most.

Federico Re (co-author of Millionaire Coach), will directly share his personal experiences of ‘success’ and ‘failure’ across his various business ventures, spanning over nearly two decades.  His achievements have won him praise in the public eye including the 'BRW Young Rich'; and several business awards including the 'Telstra Business Award'.

Federico will also share his intimate memories of his early entrepreneurial upbringing and experiences as a child, which shaped his mindset and prepared him for the critical years that laid ahead when he co-founded his first successful venture with his sister at the young age of 22.

Federico will also share his philosophies to life and business, which has enabled him to live the lifestyle he had always dreamt of as a young child - spending quality time with his family and enjoying a lifestyle within the beautiful country-side of Mount Macedon (Victoria).


Created on 02/07/2013