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Develop your Intrapreneurial Skills

Program Overview:

The 'Develop your Intrapreneurial Skills' program is a 1-day Masterclass or 4-week Online Course, focused at getting you thinking and behaving like a successful 'intrapreneur' in no time. 

In this course, you will discover why business leaders from around the world, from successful companies like 3M, Google, Toyota, Sony and Apple are choosing this style of management and business leadership, over conventional management methods, to build their team into successful intrapreneurs, for the benefit of the company as a whole. 

Are you ready to think like an enterprising individual, and adopt the mindset, behaviour, and habits of an entrepreneur, but within the organisation you work for ?  

Do you want to explore your entrepreneurial potential and learn effective ways to share your ideas to your employer or team ?

Do you wish to play a part in building an entrepreneurial culture within your workplace environment ?

Are you keen to transform your creative ideas into innovative / commercially viable products or services, to increase the competitiveness of the company you work for ?

If you're a business leader, CEOmanagerbusiness owner, or an employee of a small, medium or large organisation, then 'intrapreneurship' may be the perfect ingredient for your career and personal development. 

Created on 07/01/2014