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Federico is an experienced freelance writer and has contributed to popular business magazines within Australia and across the globe including Virgin,, Silicon Valley GlobeCEOBusiness FirstDynamic BusinessInside retailThink & Grow RichWealth Creator, and My Business.     






His typical fan base include CEO's and other world-class business leaders, SME business owners, entrepreneurs, and enterprising individuals seeking the latest and most up to date news within the entrepreneurial / business communities.

Federico's articles focus on start-ups, leadership, entrepreneurship, business mastery, innovation, technology, consumer trends, lifestyle, money, mindset, growth strategies, entertainment and an array of other compelling topics suitable for start-ups, aspiring entrepreneurs, CEO's, small business owners, executives, and other enterprising individuals.  

His articles are thought-provoking, well researched, and a perfect antidote to spice up your day, or simply give you something positive to think about !

Some of Federico's signature pieces include:

Silicon Valley Globe:

CEO Magazine:

Business First Magazine:

MyBusiness Magazine:

Dynamic Business Magazine:

Think & Grow Rich Magazine:

Inside Retail Magazine: