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Established in 2007, Creative Entrepreneur ™ offers the best in Australia in Start-up and Business Coaching, Business Mentoring, Entrepreneurship Coaching, Retail Coaching, Executive Coaching, Business Advisory and Marketing Guidance, from one of Australia’s most respected and well-known Startup & Business Coach – Federico Re.

Creative Entrepreneur ™ is the place where creativity, entrepreneurial stewardship, risk taking, innovation, marketing, and disruption explodes into action. Individuals will receive a tailored 1:1 professional service, to help them achieve their peak performance, actualise commercial / business outcomes, as well as realise their career aspirations in realistic timeframes.

Select Federico’s 1:1 programs tailored to suit your unique goals and aspirations. All programs have been priced to suit your shoe-string budget and are conveniently delivered online or face to face*.

Why is Federico considered by many, ‘Australia’s Top Startup & Business Coach’ ?

With a solid track-record of success within the start-up and entrepreneurial eco-system across Australia, SME business sector, and Retail and Media landscapes, Federico will offer his entrepreneurial expertise and first-hand ‘business building’ knowledge spanning over 25 years.

Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne

2000+ Endorsements by Satisfied Customers & Industry Experts

Federico is regarded one of Australia’s best startup and business coach in the marketplace. This can be verified by his extensive testimonials and extensive list of (99+) Skills & Endorsements across his LinkedIn profile:

Entrepreneurship 0 +
Business Coaching 0 +
Public Speaking 0 +
Start-ups 0 +
Business Development 0 +
Business Strategy 0 +
Leadership 0 +
Management 0 +

“Leverage off Federico’s extensive database of LinkedIn 1st Degree contacts of business professionals and organisations including Entrepreneurs, Investors, Media Officials, Digital Marketers, Brand Ambassadors, Government Officials, PR Experts, Retail Buyers, Distributors, Publishers, Talent Acquisition Specialists, Journalists, Bloggers, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Lawyers, IT consultants, Manufacturers, and many more”

0 +
Digital Marketers
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PR Experts
0 +
Talent Acquisition Specialists
0 +
IT Consultants
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0 +
Retail Buyers
0 +
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Brand Ambassadors
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0 +

Federico is an experienced business coach, startup coach, and executive coach with his office located in Central Melbourne, and his tailored 1:1 services offered conveniently Australia-wide via Microsoft Teams. Over his 25-year career span, he has served 100’s of clients across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Townsville, and Hobart.

With 25 years of entrepreneurial hands-on ‘business building’ experience, combined with extensive professional training in ‘Decisionship Methodology’ and ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’ (NLP), Federico has achieved exceptional, yet simple and practical, and commercially viable results for his clientele, all over Australia transforming them into successful and high performing individuals.

Federico’s bespoke and well-priced startup coaching and business coaching services are offered online via Microsoft Teams, as well as face-to-face (Melbourne only), most suited for creative individuals, start-ups, solopreneurs, SME business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, CEO’s, business leaders, company founders, company directors, and enterprising individuals seeking to advance their knowledge and practice in entrepreneurial leadership and business building; those looking to disrupt their market sector with their products or service; or achieve their business or career ambitions.

Federico has extensive experience as a business coach, executive coach, startup coach, and business consultant across many industry sectors. His clientele have stemmed from industries including:

retail, agricultural, automotive, building & construction, health & fitness, educational, food & beverage, graphic arts, hair & beauty, wholesale & distribution, information technology, media, journalism, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, animal healthcare, government, tourism, pharmaceutical, publishing, real estate, security, and more.

Compared to other startup and business coaches in Australia, Federico’s broad experience across many industry sectors, hands-on approach as a business consultant, and proven experience spanning over 25 years gives him an edge over other business coaches in the marketplace.

Federico is committed long-term to supporting disadvantaged individuals, including those within the disability sector, farming industry, the Indigenous community, as well as those living within rural locations; or people that may be experiencing hardship caused by Covid-19. With the support of specific Government initiatives, grants, and other industry programs, Federico has been highly instrumental in assisting such individuals achieve their business / career aspirations with relative ease and success. Also, with over 80% of company founders showing signs of mental health strain, with many saying they feel isolated as business owners, Federico’s focus is also on founder wellbeing, and harnessing effective leadership skills that can fuel the entrepreneur to reach their full potential, without sacrificing wellbeing.

Creative Entrepreneur has been in the business coaching industry for a very long time. As a team, we are fully dedicated in offering our clients most recommended digital marketing services such as Website Development and Search Engine Optimization.

Federico’s bespoke services are offered online as well as face-to-face, most suited for creative individuals, start-ups, solopreneurs, SME business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, CEO’s, business leaders, company founders, and enterprising individuals
Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne

Executive & Entrepreneurship Coaching

for Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, & Company Founders

Startup & Business Coaching

for Start-ups, SME Business Owners, and Solopreneurs
Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne
Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne

Business Mentoring

for Business Owners & Company Founders

Retail Coaching

for Shop Owners & Retail Operators
Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne
Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne

Influencer Marketing

for Company Founders & Entrepreneurs

Grant Search

for Individuals & Businesses
Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne
Entrepreneur Coach Melbourne

Retailer Key Account Development

for Businesses with a Branded Product

Website Development & Design

For Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Businesses

Search Engine Optimization

For Solopreneurs, Startups, Businesses

FREE 1:1 Coaching Session - Limited time Special Offer

For a limit time, receive a FREE 1:1 Coaching Session worth $349 with Federico Re via Teams, with the purchase of select Programs outlined on this website. Terms and Conditions apply*.

Australia Wide 1:1 Coaching Service

Federico has assisted clients all around Australia, across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Newcastle, and Townsville. His Business Coaching and Executive Coaching services are offered face-to-face across Melbourne, as well as online via Microsoft Teams anywhere across Australia. With Federico, you can get your online presence established in realistic timeframes.

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