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12 Years and 10,000 connections – A milestone worth celebrating

I rarely boast about my achievements to the general public, as I don’t believe in personal flattery, but today is a milestone worth noting… Apart from 4th July representing the celebration of Independance Day, for me it represents exactly 12 years of running my coaching practice at Creative Entrepreneur.

Coincidently, I also celebrate the achievement of establishing 10,000 connections on LinkedIn this week.

I am proud of these achievements, as I have worked very hard to establishing these connections, as well as helped many businesses thrive over the years. During this time, I have met some amazing business #leaders, #entrepreneurs, and #CEO‘s, who have pioneered & disrupted the marketplace.

I have also learnt so much from these people about business building across a broad spectrum of industries including the #retail, #technology, & #media sectors.

Over these 12 rewarding years, I also discovered the complexities of running a coaching practice, due to the ‘fickle’ nature of humans & their inability to committ to coaching, & the saturation of ‘business coaches’ entering the marketplace. I would like to sincerely thank the many people who have supported my endeavours, and trusted in my abilities to help them succeed.

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