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A Fitness Entrepreneur tackles Child Obesity by developing a revolutionary App

Back in the early 80’s when I was less than 10 years of age, I remember how skinny I was, weighing just 30 kilos. This body weight was quite the norm amongst young children of this era. I also remember the only one obese kid in my year 4 classroom. Interestingly, he was the exception to the rule.

Today, these weight statistics amongst children appears much different, and is concerning health experts amongst first world countries like Australia and America. Fast food meal choices, lack of physical exercise, misleading and conflicting education seems to be the main cause to this global dilemma.

A Tragic Reality

According to the ‘Global Burden of Disease Study’ published in 2012, where over 500 researchers across 50 countries collected over 100,000 data sources, it was determined that the biggest killer for adults and children was ‘diet’. Sadly, it concluded that not eating enough fruit was responsible for an estimated 4.9 million deaths a year around the world.

According to Australian health experts / nutritionists like Dennis Nicolle, “If Aussies ate just one extra serve of fruit or vegetables per day, this would save thousands of lives per year, and reduce medical costs across households in the order of billions of dollars each year.”

The Vision of a young Entrepreneur

Earlier this year, I was invited by fitness trainer / aspiring entrepreneur Nicolas Depierre in Melbourne to join his team of experts, including Dennis, to help develop a new app designed to tackle child obesity. Nutrition Revolution was thus established with a legacy of building and shaping the future of children by encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle.

Despite there being a large number of apps available in the market that encourages a healthier living, there are few options available to educate, inspire, and reprogram the minds of children about overall good health. Nicolas’ mission for Nutrition Revolution is not about changing a person’s lifestyle, but is about forming good habits at a very young age and creating a new generation of fit and active individuals with a healthy mindset and positive outlook in life. Nicolas refers these children as the ‘heroes’ of the future.

Child-friendly App Technology

In collaboration with software development company Iotasol, the team has designed and developed an innovative and child-friendly platform, that equips and empowers children to take full ownership of their health outcome.

The technology connects children with their personal trainers and parents, across an online platform, allowing all parties to interact virtually and physically. It is a system that takes full advantage of today’s trends and habits and promotes positive actions, hinging on education, physical activities, meal prepping, tracking & measuring of progress, gamification and reward systems, collaborations, training programs, booking & accounting, and news & blogging, all made available at the palm of a hand.

The App is due to be launched in September this year, with the support and collaboration of schools and fitness trainers around Australia. Ravijeet Dang, Director of Iotasol, firmly believes that “smart app technology will revolutionise the future of health and wellbeing, and proactively tackle the child obesity issues we are currently facing in this country”.

Employment for Fitness Trainers:

A remarkable feature of the Nutrition Revolution platform, is its ability to showcase the personal profiles and expertise of qualified fitness professionals, enabling them to work and make income, as well as communicate with their students and parents. Nowadays, the fitness industry is an overly saturated and competitive marketplace, with many PT’s struggling to make a living or establish stable clientele. This issue has been aggravated by the industry being unregulated in terms of certifications.

The Nutrition Revolution system is hoping to tackle this problem, and will offer PT’s stable workflow with potential income exceeding 5 figures per annum. Such individuals will need to meet stringent criteria including relevant qualifications, working with children and police checks, and other requirements to guarantee positive results and the safety of our children.

The Third Industrial Revolution:

Looking forward over the next 10 years, the biggest changes that will take place across our globe will be through web technology. Without a doubt, Nutrition Revolution is pioneering this change and disrupting the health and education sectors and will be at the frontier of the ‘third industrial revolution’. The children of tomorrow who exploit such app technologies are most likely able to become the ‘heroes’ and champions of good health, rather than falling victim to the historical trends of the fast food industry and modern sedentary lifestyle.

This article has been exclusively written for OH Magazine (September, 2018 Edition) and later edited to suit publisher’s guidelines.

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