A Social Entrepreneur’s Ambition to Relieve Poverty & Destitution through Fundraising

It was such an honour and insightful discussion with Serial Entrepreneur Andrew Morello from Yellow Brick Road. I would like to also thank The Cluster for their support to film this inspirational interview. What I uncovered from my discussion with Andrew, was his passion and committment towards supporting charities around the world, and in particular indigineous communities in Australia. Andrew shares his story about his Italian heritage; the influence of his parents migrating into Australia in the late 1950’s, and how this kick-started Andrew’s entrepreneurial ambitions and career as a young adult. Andrew also talks about the importance of hashtag#education; the impact hashtag#socialmedia is having on social enterprises; and the future of hashtag#philanthropy. He also provides great tips to hashtag#aspiringentrepreneurs and business leaders that want to disrupt, innovate, and make a positive impact in the world. Stay tuned for this video interview on InspireTalk coming soon…..


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