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Are you a Farmer and needing Financial Support to Upscale your Business?

Are you a Farmer 👨‍🌾, or partner of a farmer👩‍🌾, operating a small business in a regional or remote part of Australia ? 🚜🐄

Operating a small business in a remote region of Australia can be a gruelling task. To make things worse, drought, bushfires, and also Covid-19, has made this task extremely challenging for many farmer business owners. Without any expert business support, many businesses are likely to fail, due to exhaustion, lack of funds, or business guidance.

In connection with the ‘Farm Household Allowance’ program (as outlined in the Services Australia website), business owners may be eligible to receive business support services in the form of business mentoring, business coaching, and business training, to develop their business skills and manage their business operation more effectively.

This funding may cover areas relating to:

  • Professional Development & Skills Training
  • Business and Strategic Planning
  • Marketing your Business, Products and Services
  • Effective Financial Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Managing Staff and development of leadership potential
  • Branding your Business

Over the past year, I’ve had the privilege of working with a number of farmers, and/or their partners, who needed business assistance, to help them upscale their business operation, or simply improve the efficiency and performance of their operation.

This relationship has been greatly facilitated with simple online conferencing technology via Zoom or Skype. The support offered has varied from client to client, but has always included a degree of business coaching and business mentoring, and in some cases, a more hands-on approach involving business / tactical advisory. I’ve also has the pleasure of providing my NLP expertise to help them develop their business skills, in the form of effective communication; improving their sales pitching techniques; effective negotiation; entrepreneurial thinking and extending their entrepreneurial potential; increasing their leadership skills to manage their personnel or staff, etc.

Financial support of up to $10,000 is available; however, you must meet certain criteria to be eligible. For more information, visit:


If you need this type of business support, as well as some guidance to apply for this program, please contact Federico on his mobile 0408 510 378, for a confidential discussion.

From experience, the entire process from application to approval can generally take about 4-8 weeks, and will vary from applicant to applicant. Conditions also apply to be eligible for this type of financial assistance.

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