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Do you have the ‘Entrepreneur’s Curse’?

Do you have the ‘Entrepreneur’s Curse’ (EC), or the desire to start a new business in a flippant manner ? The reality is that many young aspiring entrepreneurs today are in the habit of thinking their ‘new idea’ will be an absolute success, only to then realise just after a few months or even weeks, this ground-breaking thought was nothing but hot air and is doomed to fail in no time !

Does this sound like you ? 😥

If so, take the time to:

  1. Reflect on your new business idea and articulate your VISION verbally and in writing;
  2. Share your thoughts with experienced BUSINESS MENTORS and seek objective advice;
  3. RESEARCH the marketplace and know your competition;

These simple steps will ensure you have a more solid foundation to build that entrepreneurial venture into something that will not crumble with the slightest breeze. 😉

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