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Embracing modern business education is the key to becoming exceptional

It is my philosophy that becoming ‘exceptional’ is about doing something that is unconventional and daring. A person with such characteristics and qualities is someone who is willing to go the extra mile to pursue a high-level goal or an extraordinary outcome.

The online dictionaries define the word ‘exceptional’ as something that is rare, uncommon, better than the average, and superior.

To further expand on the meaning and significance of the term ‘exceptional’ in the world of business, I recently interviewed leadership expert Wendy Grenfell (CEO and Founder of Elgin Hall).

In my discussion with Wendy, what struck me first about her philosophy to success was her acute focus and desire to empower and educate people to becoming exceptional in the workplace environment.

go the extra mile to pursue a high-level goal or an extraordinary outcome

The Best of the Best:

Wendy firmly believes that leaders in the modern-day workplace need to acquire the right skills and become elite performers, or position themselves in the top 20% category. At this point, I couldn’t stop to think about the movie ‘Top Gun’, which attracted the best of the best fighter pilots in the world.

being exceptional in business leadership is actually not about ego, pride, and self-confidence

Whether you are a fighter pilot, a serial entrepreneur, or a CEO of a large organisation, the essence to a successful and rewarding career really hinges on quality education that will push your capabilities beyond the comfort zone (or ‘Danger Zone’ if you are still thinking of Top Gun !).

The ‘Right’ Personality ?

When we think about serial entrepreneurs, like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and even Richard Branson, we observe distinct and ‘exceptional’ character traits that separate them from the rest of the crowd. According to Wendy, their remarkable success in their field of work, might perhaps be about their ‘quirky’ personalities, or genius mindset.

Wendy Grenfell – Business Leadership Educator

I am of the view that being exceptional in business leadership is actually not about ego, pride, and self-confidence, but about passion, a down to earth nature, courage, and a strong desire to learn from others.

Culture versus Individuality

To become exceptional in a professional role requires the ability to focus on the ‘inside’ first, before worrying about the ‘outside’, says Wendy. In other words, it’s a lot easier to develop your own skillset and grow through education, rather than going against the grain of traditional workplace culture, and trying to challenge the status quo to begin with. Developing your skills in communication and relationships is paramount.

focus on the ‘inside’ first, before worrying about the ‘outside’

It’s really about following a path of less resistance, until you are acknowledged by your colleagues or management for your intrapreneurial efforts at large. The key to progression is also about learning about your environment and knowing where you stand amongst your peers; then deciding on the best way forward for a mutual outcome between the organisation and the employee.

No Wall too Tall

In a conclusive statement made by Wendy, the key to ‘scaling your wall’ and becoming exceptional, is really about leveraging on an expert coach that can teach you ways to better handle your fears, anxieties, and develop a strategic compass of navigation to help you achieve your goals at work.

This article has been exclusively written by Federico Re for Silicon Valley Globemagazine for the September, 2016 online edition.

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