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Facing the Giant when you start a New Business

What can young entrepreneurs learn from the biblical story of ‘David & Goliath’?

Most people think success is about perseverance, hard work, tenacity, & committment. These are all positive attributes.

But what about looking at the other side of the coin, or the NEGATIVES, including dealing with limiting beliefs, accepting failure, tolerating rejection, dealing with the sceptics & even your enemy? 👹

Long term success is more about dealing with the harships of life, and actually CELEBRATING when things go wrong! Most people shy away from this harsh reality, & seek the easier path, only to miss the real reward at the end.

It’s when things go wrong that we learn to deal with adversity & develop hindsight, wisdom, strength, respect, gratitude to life, & even faith.

I remember my first year in business, & dealing with impossible day-to-day challenges. I was just 22. I was ‘David’ dealing with ‘Goliath’.

Looking back, I am grateful of those years, because they taught me so much about courage, & dealing with the brutalities of a start-up business. At the end, I conquered my enemy.

My simple advice is don’t be discouraged just because you are young or inexperienced. Keep fighting the battle and face your GIANT!

I share my story of my earlier years in business in this interview.

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