How a Dream became a Reality for an aspiring song-writer, musician, female entrepreneur

A huge congratulations to Nalini Tranquim for her efforts to publish her first book.

I am so honoured to have been the Editor of her book, as well as VIP Guest at her launch party on Saturday night.

What I uncovered from Nalini’s story was her increadible determination, self-belief, faith, and strong desire to achieve her career / life aspirations, as a song-writer, musician, and life-coach.

I admire Nalini’s ability to juggle motherhood and a demanding career. I also applaud Nalini for her courage to deal with the sceptics and the naysayers, as well as her strength to shift across 5 continents to pursue her ‘childhood dream’.

This book is an inspiration for any individual, particularly young / aspiring female entrepreneurs seeking to accomplish their career ambitions.

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