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How passion for horticulture ignited an entrepreneurial career of success for Jamie Durie

Earlier this week I had a one-on-one encounter with international designer / TV Host / serial entrepreneur – Jamie Durie.

I was given the exclusive opportunity to interview Jamie at the private Qantas Chairman’s Lounge at Melbourne airport. It was during that 1-hour encounter that I was able to dig deep into the mind of a Aussie icon, and discover the elements to his entrepreneurial success, spanning over 25 years.

Some of Jamie’s accolades include being the author of 9 international best selling books; hosting or being featured on popular Australian TV shows like Backyard Blitz and The Block; appearing regularly on The Oprah Winfrey show; engaging in humanitarian work in Uganda to combat HIV Aids; collaborating with US vice-president Al Gore and being an advocate for environmental conservation; winning 7 Australian TV Logie Awards, and the list goes on.

Despite so many accomplishments and public praise, I soon discovered Jamie’s humble side and his willingness to share his story to me about his diverse / entrepreneurial career path. He was in no hurry to give me a few pointers to take away, or even praise himself for that matter. On the contrary, he really wanted me to embrace his passion for horticulture; his legacy to his humanitarian work; and his genuine willingness to support environmental causes through sustainable practices.

What also appeared certain about Jamie’s career, was that it was not a straight road. Just like for many serial entrepreneurs, the road was jagged with plenty of sharp turns and failures along the way; countless efforts to re-build his reputation and est ablish his brand-name across new industry sectors, etc.

In a nutshell, I discovered that Jamie’s formula to success hinged fundamentally around three core areas:

  1. Resources and Knowledge hinging on talent, education, and connections;
  2. Personal Attributes including passion, tenacity, and perseverance;
  3. A Philosophy that is underpinned by his commitment to diversity, disruption, collaboration, and compassion.

In the New Year, I will be sharing more of Jamie’s career insights and tips for success, through an exclusive Editorial which I will be compiling for a US Entrepreneurial magazine.

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