How to awaken the entrepreneur within: from ordinary to extraordinary

Just had an insightful interview with Michael E. Gerber this morning on InspireTalkRadio. Michael is the author of 27 E-myth books, and nicknamed the ‘Godfather of Business Systems’.

I discovered today that to achieve ‘success’ in whatever shape or form ultimately requires:

‘Inspiration’, ‘Education’, ‘Application’, ‘Implementation’, and ‘Continuous Improvement’.

I also learnt that to be a true entrepreneur, you ultimately need to be: a ‘Dreamer’, a ‘Thinker’, a ‘Storyteller’, and a ‘Leader’.

Michael talks about this philosophy and formula to success in his latest book Beyond The E-Myth: The Evolution of an Enterprise. A book worth reading if you are an aspiring entrepreneur !

I will be sharing more of my thoughts about Michael in an editorial I will be compiling for a US entrepreneurial magazine in early 2017.

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