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How to Revolutionise and Disrupt your Industry Sector

Last night, I watched Jamie Oliver’s inspiring TV series ‘Food Revolution’ with my family.


My two young children were glued to the TV screen, as they viewed Jamie combat the American food system, to ultimately stop child obesity, so that people could live longer and healthier lives.

What prevailed to me about this story, was Jamie’s determination to challenge the status quo; confront the sceptics; and ultimately disrupt the food system.

Despite the odds, he was able to convert the minds of 1000 people in 5 days, to start eating well & change old habits. These people became the ‘Health Ambassadors’ of West Virginia, & the driving force behind Jamie’s Food Revolution across the nation.

If we closey examine Jamie’s secret to success, he was increadibly INFLUENTIAL.

He was DEEPLY PASSIONATE, and communicated his LEGACY very clearly to his stakeholders.

He was also very STRATEGIC by COLLABORATING with the local community as well as with his arch enemies.

He was very stubbon & PERSISTENT as he challenged the minds of so many people.

As Entrepreneurs we can learn so much from this inspirational story & what it really takes to disrupt & revolutionise a sector.

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