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Jack Delosa disrupting business education with dreaming out loud

Dream out Loud”, says Jack Delosa, founder of ‘The Entourage’, Australia’s fastest growing provider of business and entrepreneurship education in Sydney.

I recently met Jack whilst attending his book launch for “Unwritten” in Melbourne. What struck me about this Aussie serial entrepreneur was his humble character and thirst to motivate and inspire the young entrepreneurial community in Australia. Jack’s mission is to help individuals achieve ‘success’, to ultimately develop their dream business or career path.

Jack’s presentation began with the story about Martin Luther King‘s famous speech in 1963 (“I have a dream“), which resonated strongly in my heart. As Jack described this epic moment, I kept thinking about my earlier humble years in business, and the ‘visions of grandeur’ I had about becoming an entrepreneur myself. My ultimate vision was to do something out of my life that I would love, feel passionate about, and essentially ‘live my own dream’.

By the time I was 30 years old, I had built my first multi-million dollar business, with a humble designer stationery product.  I share this story in a video titled “An Intimate Moment with Federico Re”.

Steadfast belief-system

After my initial encounter with Jack, I was compelled to read ‘Unwritten‘, and explore Jack’s deeper thoughts around his vision and mission for ‘The Entourage’.  Within just 48 hours, I had completed this task, as a result of the invaluable and inspiring content being shared by Jack in his book.

Jack’s book was packed with words of wisdom, famous quotes of philosophers, explorers, pioneers, and countless stories and experiences of Jacks during his 20+ year career as a disruptor of business education. I could not resist the urge to take plenty of notes, and absorb Jack’s steadfast belief-system, pivoted around imagination, spirituality, the importance of failure, self-love, and other core constituents. My complete absorption into his book was in preparation for a forthcoming interview on the ‘InspireTalk’ radio show.

Encounter with jack

As Jack was being introduced by co-host Laura Huxley on a Google Hangout, I reminded myself of the achievements of this extraordinary man; a person who only just recently had the privilege of spending a week with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island, as a result of his numerous entrepreneurial accomplishments. I must confess that I still dream to have this opportunity as well !

Jack’s book was packed with words of wisdom, famous quotes of philosophers, explorers, pioneers, and countless stories and experiences of Jacks

As my opportunity emerged to ask Jack some questions, I was keen to explore why the Sistine Chapel in Rome, inspired Jack to write his book. I could relate well to this question, because of my actual birthplace in Rome. I was also keen to learnhow every person can develop an ingenious mindset of successful people like Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and Einstein.

Recipe for success

After a precious and insightful half-hour encounter with Jack, I was able to piece together his formula to success.

Some of his top items included: taking ownership; leaving a lasting legacy; applying innovation and maintaining individuality; applying creative thinking and using intuition; having curiosity and not being afraid to change and explore the boundaries of possibility; and fundamentally having a clear vision, mission and set of values that underpins the purpose of your life or business.

Why we need to ‘disrupt’

My ongoing effort to interview ‘game changers’ like Jack, and other pioneers that have left a lasting legacy on humanity, has enabled me to really understand the core drivers of such individuals, and why they need to ‘disrupt’ societal trends.

During a recent TedX talk at Macquarie University by Jack, the future of ‘education’ was revealed, and his insights shared to an audience of aspiring entrepreneurs, academics, and leading experts.

A core question was asked about the real ‘value’ of modern day education at university. Jack challenged the traditional thought process and claimed that “tertiary education is no longer a ‘golden ticket’ to a successful career”; rather, it creates a false sense of promise and hope that they will have the perfect job or a rewarding career path. The side-effects include disheartened students, unemployed graduates, and a skills gap in our workforce.

tertiary education is no longer a ‘golden ticket’ to a successful career

The movement continues

According to Jack, the best approach for Millennials entering tertiary education is to offer training that combines academic learning with practical/hands-on mentoring from established businesses, experienced coaches, mentors, or entrepreneurs.

Without a doubt, Jack’s movement through ‘The Entourage’, now comprising of 300,000 members, is shifting the trends of education; creating a community of aspiring entrepreneurs; equipping them with the necessary business tools, and fuelling their passion and purpose to build their ‘dream’ business.

This article has been exclusively written by Federico Re for Silicon Valley Globemagazine for the July, 2016 online edition.

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